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Pegasus Airlines

Tel. 06 4985 641
Fax. 06 48985 201

 Our History

  1990 – Pegasus Airlines was founded in Istanbul as a joint venture by three companies – Aer Lingus, Silkar Investment and Net Holding with 2 Boeing 737-400.

  2005 – Pegasus was bought outright by ESAS Holding in January and, from a charter airline, it developed into a low cost airline.

  On 1st November 2005 it introduced its first domestic flights.

  In 2006 it operated its first international flights to Stuttgart in Germany.

  Pegasus has been operating in the airline industry for over 20 years and it is the major private airline company in Turkey.

  Pegasus is an airline in constant development, with the aim of meeting the expectations and priorities of customers, keeping always in first place flight safety.

  Pegasus has built a flight training centre with the latest flight simulation technology.

  Pegasus offers maintenance services to other companies in the airline sector, while also offering crew, pilot and technical education.

  In December 2012 Pegasus ordered to Airbus Industries 75 new aircraft (58 A320neo 189-seater and 17 A321neo 220-seater) with an option for a further 24.


  Today it operates with 77 aircraft: 46 Boeing B737-800, 9 Boeing B737-400 and 22 Airbus A320 all economy versions with an average age of 5,7 years.

  It flies to 108 destinations (72 international e 36 domestic) in 40 countries from its hub at Sabiha Gokcen, airport situated on the Asian side of Istanbul.

  From Italy it flies from Roma-Fiumicino (8/10 weekly flights), Milan-Bergamo Orio al Serio (7/9 weekly flights) Bologna (5/7 weekly flights) to Istanbul-Sabiha Gokcen.

  Passengers departing from Italy, through its hub at Istanbul-Sabiha Gokcen can fly with good same-day connections to 36 cities in Turkey and 24 international destinations:





 Pegasus Flight Packages

  Pegasus ‘Flight Packages’ offer the most required services discounted up to 50%. The services included in the packages are:

  • Seat selection
  • Meal selection
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Free change and refund

  Since these services are now included in the flight packages, the system offers greater ease of selling to the agencies.

  The package rates and changes in the content vary according to the routes, booking classes and the selected package.

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 Supplementary Services (at a charge)

  Catering : at least 24 hours before your flight, you can make the "Choice of the dish", choose a personalized menu for you or your loved ones before the flight.

  Seat selection : you can choose between the seats with extra legroom, the front rows, aisle or window seats.

  Extra baggage : should you have more weight than the permitted baggage allowance, you can purchase a package of extra kgs.

 Pegasus FLEX

  Pegasus Flex, which can be purchased when buying your ticket, gives you the right to unlimited ticket changes. Thanks to this, you can change the time and route of your ticket without paying penalty fees, except any fare difference between the old and new flight. On one-way tickets, Pegasus flex costs 12.99 Turkish lira per person for domestic routes and from 9.99 Euro per person for international routes.

  • You can purchase Pegasus Flex up to 6 hours before your flight;
  • Changes to your ticket must be made at least 2 hours before the flight;
  • It can only be used for ticket reissues and cannot be used for refunds;
  • It cannot be used for passenger name changes;
  • You cannot use it if you have already paid for “freeze the price” option.
  • You can still use Flex even if you have already checked in but the change must be made at least 2 hours before the flight.

FLIGHT SCHEDULE: from 29/10/2017 to 24/03/2018

(subject to change)

From Italy to SABİHA GÖKÇEN   From SABİHA GÖKÇEN to Italy
Frequency Flight N. Departure Arrival Destination Frequency Flight N. Departure Arrival
GIORNALIERO PC-1212 12:55 17:40 BERGAMO GIORNALIERO PC-1211 11:25 12:15
LUN, MAR, GIO, VEN, DOM      (25DIC-23MAR) PC-1218 13:20 17:55 BOLOGNA LUN, MAR, GIO, VEN, DOM (25DIC-23MAR) PC-1217 12:00 12:40



PC-1218 13:20 17:55



PC-1217 12:00 12:40
GIORNALIERO PC-1224 13:25 18:00 ROMA-FIUMICINO GIORNALIERO PC-1223 11:45 12:25
DOM PC-1226 16:55 21:30 DOM PC-1225 15:20 15:55
Frequency Flight N. Departure Arrival Destination Frequency Flight N. Departure Arrival
MAR, GIO, SAB PC-406 21:45 03:15 ABU DHABI MER, VEN, DOM PC-407 04:15 07:50
LUN, GIO, SAB PC-100 19:40 03:50 ALMATY MAR, VEN, DOM PC-101 04:55 07:55
LUN, MER, VEN, SAB PC-880 22:35 01:30 BAGHDAD LUN, MER, VEN PC-871 04:00 06:55
MAR, GIO, DOM PC-870 22:35 01:30 MAR, GIO, SAB, DOM PC-881 03:40 06:45
GIORNALIERO PC-824 21:25 01:25 BAHRAIN GIORNALIERO PC-825 02:30 06:50
GIORNALIERO PC-862 21:50 22:40 BEIRUT GIORNALIERO PC-758 03:45 06:40
LUN, MAR, MER, GIO, SAB PC-757 23:15 00:05
VEN, DOM PC-757 23:45 00:35 GIORNALIERO PC-863 04:45 07:40
GIORNALIERO PC-702 20:20 04:25 BISHKEK GIORNALIERO PC-701 06:05 08:45
GIORNALIERO PC-602 21:40 01:50 DOHA GIORNALIERO PC-601 02:50 07:30
GIORNALIERO PC-740 21:40 03:05 DUBAI GIORNALIERO PC-741 04:05 08:05
MER, VEN, DOM PC-400 23:25 01:55 GROZNY LUN, GIO, SAB PC-401 04:10 06:45
MER, VEN, SAB PC-620 23:15 00:55 HURGHADA LUN, SAB PC-623 01:55 05:45
GIO, DOM PC-622 23:15 00:55 GIO, VEN, DOM PC-621 03:00 06:50
MAR PC-428 23:15 00:25 KHARKOV MER PC-429 03:25 06:40
VEN, DOM PC-428 23:50 01:00 LUN, SAB PC-429 01:55 05:10
LUN, MAR PC-380 22:55 00:55 KRASNODAR LUN, SAB PC-379 02:55 05:00
MER, GIOV, VEN, SAB, DOM PC-380 22:40 00:40 MAR, MER, GIO, VEN, DOM PC-381 04:40 06:45
GIORNALIERO PC-858 21:20 01:00 KUWAIT GIORNALIERO PC-859 02:35 06:40
GIO, SAB PC-860 23:25 03:05 VEN, DOM PC-861 03:55 08:00
GIORNALIERO PC-1934 20:30 22:00 NICOSIA NORD GIORNALIERO PC-1933 08:15 09:45
LUN, MER, VEN, DOM PC-390 23:20 01:30 MINERALNYE VODY LUN, SAB PC-391 03:00 05:25
MAR, GIO PC-391 04:45 07:10
LUN, GIO PC-470 23:50 02:55 NIZHNY NOVGOROD MAR, VEN PC-471 04:10 07:25
LUN, GIO, SAB PC-460 23:25 02:45 SAMARA MAR, VEN, DOM PC-461 03:35 07:05
GIO, VEN, SAB, DOM PC-628 23:30 01:15 SHARM EL SHEIKH LUN, SAB PC-4629 01:55 05:35
VEN, DOM PC-629 02:55 06:40
GIORNALIERO PC-314 23:25 02:40 TBILISI GIORNALIERO PC-315 05:30 06:50
GIORNALIERO PC-512 23:30 03:00 TEHRAN GIORNALIERO PC-513 03:50 06:35
LUN PC-785 20:30 21:35 TEL AVIV GIORNALIERO PC-786 05:30 08:45
MAR, MER, GIO, SAB, DOM PC-785 20:15 21:20
VEN PC-785 20:55 22:00 LUN, MER, GIO, VEN, SAB, DOM PC-780 07:20 10:35
MAR, MER, GIO, VEN, SAB, DOM PC-779 22:45 23:50
MER, DOM PC-450 23:45 02:20 VOLGOGRAD LUN PC-451 03:50 06:35
GIO PC-451 05:15 08:00
LUN, SAB PC-432 00:05 01:05 ZAPORIZHIA LUN, SAB PC-433 02:20 05:30
MAR PC-432 23:20 00:20 MER PC-433 03:40 06:50