A great innovation in the global industry of representations (GSA)

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Best Airlines Rep is born as a global network composed of the best GSA in every single country.
This innovative initiative was created by five founding members who have been successfully operating for years in Europe:

- Enlloy Aviation in Spain and USA
- Friends in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
- InterGSA in Benelux and France
- GSA Network in UK and Ireland
- Spazio general sales agent in Italy

The creation of a network of the highest quality, made up of the best and most experienced independent GSAs in each country, meets the needs of both airlines and other transport service providers and in general of any service provider related to the mobility of people.

The requirements of efficiency, reliability, dedication and quality of management in the global and competitive world in which we operate are the fundamental ingredients for the success in terms of sales and perception in the market both in the travel sector and the final consumers.

Best Airlines Rep is the dedicated and exclusive GSA alliance, the best in their markets, which will continue to expand, to offer a global network, with local expertise.

For more information visit www.best-airlines-rep.com