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China Airlines

Tel. 06 4985 606
Fax. 064985 201

Founded in 1959, China Airlines flies to 151 destinations in 29 Countries (as of 31 October 2017).

The history of the Company is full of innovation and changes. In last years network and cooperation with other carriers have strongly grown:

• 1962: first domestic flight from Taipei to Hualien took place;
• 1966: first international flight was carried out, between Taipei and Saigon (present Ho Chi Minh City);
• 1967: inaugurated Northeast Asia routes;
• 1970: developed the trans-Pacific Ocean routes to explore the US market;
• 1983: expanded the European routes;
• 1993: China Airlines was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, the first international airline in the Taiwan stock market;
• 2000: established Shanghai office in Mainland China and new branch offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Guam. Launched passenger routes to Penang, Vancouver and Sydney;
• 2002: new route Taipei-Delhi;
• 2003: launched codeshare cooperation on Taipei-Bangkok-Rome service with Alitalia.
New routes to Hanoi and Brisbane;
• 2004: inaugurates the International Airport in Taichung, as China Airlines flew the historical first passenger flight from Taipei to Tokyo;
• 2005: launched code-sharing services with Deutsche Bahn AG to undertake Train- Air-Truck transport;
• 2006: new route to Phnom Penh;
• 2007: launched mobile counter service in Taoyuan International Airport to shorten passengers' check-in time at designated counters;
• 2008: cooperated with Hainan Airlines on the Frequent Flyer Program;
• 2009: Rome-Bangkok-Rome route is changed into Rome-Delhi-Rome: China Airlines is the only air carrier connecting Rome with Indian Capital city with no-stop flight.
Extended the Taipei-Singapore passenger route to Surabaya. Inaugurated cross-strait scheduled flights to 13 destinations in Mainland China, including Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Xi'an, Ningbo, Shenyang, and Changsha;
• 2010: inaugurated passenger routes of Taipei- Miyazaki and Qingdao, Songshan - Hongqiao and Haneda, and Kaohsiung - Xiamen and Narita. Launched the company headquarters in China Airlines Park;
• 2011: China Airlines becomes the first Taiwanese airline of SkyTeam. Launched the Taoyuan-Brisbane-Auckland route, morning flights to Singapore, and Taoyuan-Osaka-New York flights. Launched flights from/to Taoyuan - Wuhan, Sanya, Yancheng, Haikou, Nanchang and Dalian, from/to Kaohsiung - Beijing, Changsha, Chongqing and Kuala Lumpur, and from/to Taichung - Chongqing and Nanchang.
Launched code-sharing cooperation with China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines;
• 2012: launched new routes of Songshan-Wenzhou and Taoyuan-Kagoshima, Shizuoka and Toyama; the Songshan-Sydney route and the Taipei-Sydney-Auckland route.
Launched electronic boarding pass;
• 2013: launched code-sharing services service with Russia's Transaero Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.
New routes Taoyuan-Takamatsu, Taoyuan-Urumqi and Lijiang; Taoyuan-Ishigaki, Tainan-Hong Kong, and Taoyuan-Busan. Introduction of Taoyuan-Hawaii direct flights;
• 2014: launched routes of Songshan-Fuzhou and Taoyuan-Changchun, Hefei, Yantai and Xuzhou.
Delivered the first NexGen 777-300ER aircraft, used to serve the Taipei-Los Angeles route;
• 2015: launched Taipei-Wuxi, Kaohsiung-Changzhou,Kumamoto,Fukuoka, Taipei-Melbourne, Tainan-Osaka flights.
Launched Codeshare Service with Philippines Airlines.
New aircraft 777-300ER also used to serve European route Frankfurt-Taipei and the Taipei-New York route;
• 2016: Rome-Taipei route becomes no-stop. New route Taipei-Yangzhou.
Delivered first A350-900 XWV aircrafts, also used in for European routes Amsterdam-Taipei and Wien-Taipei. Rome-Taipei route will be also served with A350-900 XWB aircraft starting from 4 February 2017.

As of 30th November 2016 China Airlines operates in Europe from/ to Rome, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Wien; and also London, from 1st December 2017. Thanks to code-share agreements the Company also serves Manchester, Paris, Prague, Madrid and Barcelona. Beside Taipei and Taiwan (where China Airlines flies from/ to the 4 main airports), the network includes 32 destinations in PRC (including Hong Kong), 17 in Japan and Korea and total 80 in Asia;, 7 in Australia and New Zealand, 47 in Canada and USA. And then Guam and Koror.

China Airlines network map also refer to:

China Airlines has a very important cargo traffic also in Milan station.

Presently China Airlines has 10.637 employees in Taiwan and further 1.913 abroad, total 12.550 employees.
The fleet includes 83 aircrafts, 65 for passengers and 18 for cargo. Average years of Aircraft 8.1.

• 2 A350-900
• 5 A340-300
• 24 A330-300
• 10 B777-300ER
• 23 B737-800
• 13 B747-400
• 21 B747-400F (cargo)

Currently CI operates twice a week from Rome to Taipei with Airbus A340-300.
The entertainment service on board offers both business and economy class passenger an interactive screen with games, news and films, also in Italian language.

Presently China Airlines is the only carrier connecting with direct flight to Taipei. Starting from 3rd December 2016 with no-stop flight.


Flight schedule:

Flight nbr. CI 76

Day of week: Monday Wednesday and Friday
Leaving time from Fiumicino: h. 11:30, arrival to Taipei: h. 05:45 (+1)
Fly duration: 12h 45 min.

Flight nbr. CI 75
Taipei- Rome

Day of week: Tuesday Thursday and Sunday
Leaving time from Taipei: h. 23:40, arrival to Fiumicino: h. 07:50 (+1)
Fly duration: 14h 10 min.

Above schedule is valid until 231th October 2018

Flight nbr. CI 76

Day of week: Monday Wednesday and Friday
Leaving time from Fiumicino: h. 10:30, arrival to Taipei: h. 05:35 (+1)
Fly duration: 12h 05 min.

Flight nbr. CI 75
Taipei- Rome

Day of week: Tuesday Thursday and Sunday
Leaving time from Taipei: h. 23:40, arrival to Fiumicino: h. 07:20 (+1)
Fly duration: 14h 40 min.

Above schedule is valid until 29th March 2019